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Check out my Gallery plz! :D


Looky at these awesum peekchurs! >w<



Kasuga Yukimura by Kimika-78148
Kasuga Yukimura
Kimika has a sister names Tatsuya, and this is her daughter x'D so shes Kimikas niece ouo This is form she prefers to take xD she's a pyromaniac, like her mom ouo hope ya like it! 
Kazehana by Kimika-78148
many people don't know about this lady right here xD She is a daughter of Cassandra (Kimika's demon wolf) ik what ur thinking (DAMMMIT KIMIKA USE FREAKIN BIRTH CONTROL) but heey she has to renuild her clan yknow o3o besides, shes absolutely adorable i love her so freakin much Q.Q so i wanted yall to see her x'D hope yall like it! 
Azami Sakurai by Kimika-78148
Azami Sakurai
this is Kimika's granddaughter (Kumiko's daughter) Azami Sakurai! XD doesnt she look like her granny? ouo i wanted to post something (EVEN THOUGH THE BACKGROUND IS SHIT) Anywaaaaaays ouo...She has an older sister, Serenity (which can be viewed on my photobucket ;3 username: SakuraiHyugaHuyu) but they dont have the same daddy o3o....oh look at Kumiko following in the footsteps of her mother ouo.....She is an ice user primarily, but she has the ability to copy any jutsu/kekkei genkai which she has no idea how to control yet xD this shall b interesting ouo hope yall like it! 
The Tres Amigas~ by Kimika-78148
The Tres Amigas~
Well it all started when Dante wanted me to draw Hanako....but i didnt wanna draw Hanako by herself why not draw her with her two best *coughs* only *cough* girl friends in the world (suz shes wayy too bitchy to be around anyone else o3o) Katara Sasanoi and Kimika Sakurai x'DDD i havent drawn them together in so long!! i missed it QuQ These three have always been just insane put them together and they cause such havoc xD i think this is the best picture ive drawn with more than one person o.o whenever i try to draw group pictures i end up giving up cuz its just way too shitty -_-'''...but hope yall like it! ^^

Kimika Sakurai Mononoke/ Hanako Asahina : (c) :iconkimika-78148:

Katara Sasanoi is owned by my dear amiga ~ :icontomatobesosowo:  Y'all should go watch her!! just saying ouo
Kimika and Kawaii~ by Kimika-78148
Kimika and Kawaii~
A Collab with my sissy~!! >w< i havent collabed with anyone in YEARS!!! its so nice to edit again!! -^^- I have no idea why Kawaii is pissed at Kimika Q.Q she seems all happy x'D sooo...try to come up with a story in yall's heads x'DD and id love to read them o3o hope yall like it!! 

Kimika Sakurai Mononoke (c) :iconkimika-78148:

Kawaii Hayashi (c): :iconuchihaxcalibur:


Kimika-78148's Profile Picture
Maya Lia ^^
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hola, i am a random mexican girl, anime freak who loves tea, and drawing ^^ Im 16, cosplay as much as i possibly can XDD im a texas girl xD owo Anime, Art and Beauty are HUGE passions of mine :D When i look good, i feel good, and when i feel good, i always do my best -^^-

I have many Oc's :D My main are:

Naruto OC's:
Kimika Sakurai
Mayako Hiragii aaand
Hanako Asahina ^^

Hetalia Oc's:
Emily Fernandez (Texas)
Lucia Vargas (Italy)
Mei ling (China)

:iconmh1plz: :iconmh2plz: :iconmh3plz: :iconmh1plz: :iconmh2plz: :iconmh3plz:

I am so much i love with anime and i have Oc's for a lot of different anime's xD but i would like 2 stick with my main rpc's for my Deviant Art ^^ Naruto, Hetalia, Soul Eater, Kuroshitsuji, Claymore, Sailor Moon, Vampire Knight, Kamichama karin, Chibi Vampire Karin, Inuyasha, Mermaid Melody r just a few animes i can name at the top of my had that i love xDD

Neji fan girl here~!!!! >w< Neji anime husband..otay? -w- good...

I LOVE NARUHINA~!!! If anyone opposes....ill still b ur friend cuz im cool like dat xDD

Sum basic info xD

Name: Maya (call me Kimika plz x'3)

Gender: female..duh o.o''

Race:Mexican bishes!! >XD

Religion: Christian ^^ Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior!

Height: 5' 1

Weight: nuh uh uh =w=

Interests: Anime, cosplay, makeup, drawing, music, beauty

Personality: i have no idea...o3o...sumone tell me how i am...(besides mentally ill -_-'')

Goal: to become a dermatologists and own my own skin care line ^^ and 2 b a freelancing makeup artist >w<

well..if there's anythin else ya wanna know, just ask xDD i hope yall enjoy my gallery and plz dont b afraid 2 leave comments! :D i love yall~!!! gracias~!

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